15 August 2023

Join us in making a positive impact with the RISBRIEFCASE project's second call for Task Partners!

We're excited to invite you to be a part of the RISBRIEFCASE project, a mission aimed at enhancing the perception of mining activities and fostering awareness about the vital role minerals and mining play in our society.

Our project is all about innovation and education. We've developed engaging tools designed for students aged 6 to 14, helping them understand the importance of raw materials in their daily lives. We tackle crucial topics like responsible mining practices, the effects of consumer choices, conflict minerals, sustainable operations, transparent value chains, social responsibility, climate change, and the significance of recycling. Together, we inspire and empower young minds to consider exciting careers in the sphere of raw materials.

By joining hands with the RISBRIEFCASE consortium, you have the opportunity to contribute to this impactful initiative. We're calling on RIS entities to bring forth their creative proposals, whether it's developing new briefcases, hosting workshops, or even commercializing our educational tools. By doing so, you'll not only expand the BRIEFCASE network but also amplify the project's influence across RIS areas.

Here are some key dates to mark on your calendar:

  • 15 August 2023: The Call for Task Partners is officially open!
  • 15 October 2023: Deadline for proposal registration.
  • 16 October to 1 November 2023: We'll be meticulously evaluating the proposals.
  • 4 November 2023: The selected Task Partners will be communicated.

Are you ready to be a part of the Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS) Task Partners for the KAVA RIS Capacity Building BRIEFCASE project? Let's embark on this journey of innovation and education together.

Find more details in the Call Text and access the Application Template.

Your participation can make a difference!


14 April 2023

RISBRIEFCASE project has opened its call for Task Partners 
The RISBRIEFCASE project intends to improve the public perception of mining activities and raise awareness, bringing minerals and mining closer to society. 

The project has developed innovative tools dedicated to pupils from 6 to 14 years old to show the significance of the daily use of raw materials and their exploitation focusing on sensible aspects of mining activities such as the Not In My Backyard concept, the consequences of our purchase decisions, the conflict minerals, the sustainability of mining operations, the value chain transparency, the social license to operate, the climate change or the importance of the recycling practices. We inspire and encourage pupils to follow raw materials careers. 

The RISBRIEFCASE consortium encourages RIS entities to submit their proposals to support the project by creating new briefcases, hosting workshops and commercializing our tools to extend the BRIEFCASE network and multiply the impact of the project in the RIS areas. 

Key dates and timeline: 

  • 15 April 2023: Call for Task Partners is open
  • 15 June 2023: Proposal registration deadline
  • 16 June to 1 July 2023: Evaluation of proposals
  •  4 July 2023: TP Selection and communication


Call for Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS) Task Partners for the KAVA RIS Capacity Building BRIEFCASE project:

RIS Briefcase Partners


20 December 2021

On December 19, the Geology Seminar for pupils was held in Minas de Riotinto which consisted on a Briefcase workshop organized by 3D Briefcase, Women In Mining & Industry Spain, el Ayuntamiento de Minas de Riotinto, la Fundacion Gómez Pardo and el Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros de Minas del Sur

It was a pleasure to be able to teach such a day, where we were able to carry out various activities related to geology and the raw materials necessary for our society: the pupils played with the daily mineral briefcases, with the mobile mineral briefcase and with the 3D glasses and they learned to pan with the support of Lidia Gullón Corral, luis jorda bordehore, Luz Cerezo, Leonor Fernández.

The workshop aroused everyone's interest by showing them the importance of minerals. Especially of the girls, sharing the day with women who perform jobs unknown to them in the mining field.

Couldn't join the Workshop? Play our online game!

Workshop Spain Dec 2021








03 November 2021

“The Briefcase book of daily use minerals” is now available in Spanish! 
For PDF file please click here.

For flipbook please use this link.

The Briefcase book of daily use minerals - Spanish version

19 October 2021

The new educational video ‘Minerals and metals in your life’ is online! The video for kids and students shows the importance of minerals and metals in our life, from a piece of rock into a product we all use in daily life. Thanks for watching and hope you enjoy!

film screenshot

18 October 2021

3D Briefcase and The Briefcase projects were presented in two day workshop for 70 students of the Czech National Competition "The wealth of the Earth" which took place last week in Northern Bohemia. The feedback from the students and their teachers was very positive and they expressed their interest to use The Briefcase and 3D Briefcase tools in their schools. "The wealth of the Earth" is a competition in which teams of high school students prepare a professional-scientific study in the field of economic geology. The result of the competition is the elaboration of a mining project business plan, taking into account the social and environmental aspects of mining. 

Briefcase - Radvanice

8 October 2021

The Briefcase and 3D Briefcase projects were presented at the JA Slovenia introductory event of the program My company "Moje podjetje 2021" in Ljubljana. The video presentation is available on our website and 3D Briefcase YouTube channel 

3D Briefcase - Slovenian event

27 September 2021

The Science Night provided another great opportunity to test our 3DBriefcase. Students, kids and their parents provided a valuable feedback. Most of the visitors were surprised by the fact that minerals and metals are part of our everyday life. Learn more about metals and minerals and play our game!

3D Briefcase - Science Night


15 September 2021

3D Briefcase project was presented today at the RM@Schools 4.0 Consortium Meeting. Brand new tools: 3D mine visits, the new book with augmented reality and the new video. This meeting provided and excellent opportunity to connect RM@School project with 3D Briefcase project and agree on future cooperation and promotion. These EIT RM Academy projects have a great potential to improve the current situation in raw materials education and the joined efforts will amplify the effect of all great tools developed within these two projects.

3D Briefcase at RM@Schools Consortium Meeting

13 July 2021

Last week Slovenian workshop was organized by ZAG (Slovenian Building and Civil Engineering Institute) at Boč Mountain, Poljčane. Pupils, aged 7-11 years, explored the primary raw materials - minerals in our everyday objects and in mobile phones. Special emphasize was given to Slovenian lead and zinc briefcase, which is dedicated to the largest lead and zinc ore deposit in Slovenia –Mežica Mine. The mine was active for over 350 years (now closed) and is known for being one of the World's richest wulfenite deposits. At the workshop also secondary raw materials briefcase was presented, which made pupils surprised how some raw materials, they considered waste and useless, can make great new products. Do you want to discover more about metals and minerals? Play The Briefcase Game or read our latest publications.

Workshop in Slovenia, July 2021

8 August 2021

3D Briefcase and The Briefcase projects were presented at the workshop organised last Sunday at the Ekoetxea in Meatzaldea. The event provided a great opportunity for the first testing of new 3D Briefcase tool. The main leader of this task - Tecnalia, one of 3D Briefcase project partners, presented projects’ tools to the families that joined this event. Kids and their parents attending the workshop were able to enjoy 3D experience of visiting the underground gold mine and discovering how mining has changed and developed to an innovative high-tech sector. The fact that the impact on the environment can be mitigated was highlighted.
The physical Briefcase was on the spot and the kids had a chance to play with the minerals and match them with everyday objects using a set of clues provided. 
You were not able to join the workshop? Play our online game

Workshop in Spain, July 2021

30 June 2021

We are pleased to announce the NEW publication of 3D Briefcase project “The Briefcase book of daily use minerals”. The book is one of the products of the 3D Briefcase project and a teaching tool at the same time. It is intended to be used for teaching geoscience disciplines in schools as well as informing the public about the importance of mining and minerals in our daily lives. 

When you drink a coffee from your favourite cup in the morning, look out of the window, get into your car, switch on a computer, call your friends from your smartphone, … all these things contain mineral resources. Minerals are everywhere around us! Our current lifestyle also depends on mineral resources. Read more and discover interesting facts about minerals in the newly published book!

Congratulations to our Slovak project partners who had the leading role in this task!

Flipbook is available here.

The Briefcase book of daily use minerals

30 June 2021

The physical briefcases and the 3DBriefcase were provided to the MEATZALDEA center. During the preparatory sessions the project team provided all information and materials that will be used during the session of the Ekoetxea center already this Sunday, 4th July 2021. The Briefcase Games will provide an opportunity to teach families about minerals and mining in a fun and interactive way and at the same time it will be useful for the project team to observe their opinion and reactions to the new  “3DBRIEFCASE”. If you wish to join please contact with the EKOETXEA phone: 946 05 12 75 to check the availability and book your place!

Pilot workshop in Spain

21 June 2021

One of the first activities of the Ekoetxea center this summer will be the Briefcase Workshop! Bring your whole family and discover interesting fact about metals and minerals in interactive format and join the workshop already on 4th July at 12:00h in Gallarta, Abanto Zierbena, Spain. For more information about the project please contact our Spanish colleague Ms. Ainara Garcia,,  or contact with the EKOETXEA phone: 946 05 12 75 to check the availability and book your place.  For more information please visit Ekoetxea facebook page The Briefcase on-line game is available in Spanish, therefore we challenge you to check how much you know about the minerals! 

Barrio Campo Diego, z/g (Gallarta)
48500 Abanto Zierbena (Bizkaia)
946 051 275

16 June 2021

After many weeks of pandemic break, the Briefcase Team is finally able to continue with its workshops for kids! One of them will be organised at Boč mountain hut, Poljčane, in Slovenia on 9th July for pupils in 3rd and 5th grade. In case you would like to receive more information please do not hesitate to contact our Slovenian project partners from ZAG, dr. Petra Vrhovnik,; +386 41 555 258. The Briefcase on-line game is available in Slovenian language, therefore we challenge you to check how much you know about the minerals! 

19 May 2021

The Briefcase project was presented this week to the members of the EU cross-industry and sectoral Social Partners. The members met this week at the Liaison Forum and focused on a question “How will the EU move towards climate neutrality and what role will social partners play to achieve a just transition?” In his intervention Rolf Kuby, Director of Euromines, promoted The Briefcase project as one of the great examples how to increase awareness of the minerals and metals contribution to the climate change mitigation and adaptation. He also highlighted the role of similar project for jobs and skilled workforce in Europe.


10 March 2021

RM@Schools is another project that has been selected by the Social Lab 16 working group of the NewHoRRIzon Project as an example of RRI Project inside the EIT program focused in Ethic dimension.

Raw Matters Ambassadors at Schools (RM@Schools), a project supported by EIT RawMaterials Academy, aims to promote science education and careers in the raw materials sector for students aged 10 to 19 by combining technical knowledge and soft skills like creativity and communication. Students have varied and unique hands-on opportunities to interact with relevant experts and researchers, and then they become Young RM Ambassadors in turn and spread their knowledge to other students and a wider public.

Read more on RM@School website.


02 March 2021

Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) is a concept promoted by the European Commission as a set of principles and it is a key priority in Horizon2020. The concept of RRI is an approach which intends to bridge gaps between science, research and innovation communities and society at large by fostering more inclusive, anticipatory, open and responsive research and innovation systems.
The 3DBriefcase Project has been selected by the Social Lab 16 working group of the NewHoRRIzon Project as an example of RRI Project inside the EIT program focused in Ethic dimension. Ethics is specifically about respecting fundamental rights and ethical standards in research and innovation, but also about asking the big questions; what are potential long-term consequences of my project and how can I positively contribute to society. 
3DBriefcase Project contributes to the society teaching pupils to identify minerals they use in their everyday life and encourage them to reflect on issues like the conflict minerals, the consequences of purchase decisions, the sustainability of mining operations, and the importance of recycling and climate change. 

Read the Report on Responsible Research and Innovation - 8 Success Stories 

22 February 2021

Welcome Norwegian kids and students! The Briefcase game is now available in Norwegian language. In total we have 22 languages online, PLAY the game


17 February 2021

The Briefcase game is now available in Bulgarian language. We would like to encourage all Bulgarian kids and their teachers to PLAY the game!


09 February 2021

The Briefcase Team is pleased to announce that Orovalle is the new project partner. Orvana Minerals Corp. (Orvana) is a gold, copper and silver producer with properties in Spain, Bolivia and Argentina. Orvana is A CANADIAN company and with its common shares listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) under the symbol ORV. Through its wholly-owned subsidiary, OroValle Minerals S.L. (OroValle), Orvana owns and operates the El Valle and Carlés mines located in the Rio Narcea Gold Belt in northern Spain.

Read more information about Orovalle.

We are looking forward to our cooperation!


03 December 2020

New Briefcase Booklets just released:
Minerals and Metals Enabling Sustainable Development Goals
The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a total of 17 global sustainable development goals that were adopted by the United Nations (UN) in September 2015 and came into force in January 2016. Ecological, economic and social challenges such as climate change, inequality and poverty are to be solved by 2030 by means of this strategy. Here’s how the European mineral raw materials industry is contributing to these goals.

Contribution to Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation
Climate change is perhaps the most important issue facing our world today. Its consequences could be catastrophic to all the people, animals and plants that live on this Earth. As a foundational sector that affects many other industries and activities through the raw materials produced, there are a variety of ways the European mineral raw materials industry helps fight climate change. These contributions fall into two main categories: providing materials for sustainable efforts and continuously improving processes within the mineral raw materials sector.


20 November 2020

20 November is the World Children's Day. The Briefcase Project aims to foster connections and understanding among primary and secondary students by providing engaging educational materials that teach about the role of minerals and mining in daily life and related social and economic issues. Given the era of a growing prevalence of online teaching and learning, we believe tools such as this one could prove to be effective and beneficial for the education of young people.

We have 14 language versions online already and there is more to come!

Check out our The Briefcase website with the online game!


15 November 2020

The Briefcase leaflet and poster is ready available for download.

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30 October 2020

The Briefcase Game is now available in Greek

Play the Briefcase game in Greek! 

The Briefcase Game


19 October 2020

The Briefcase Game is now available in Spanish, Catalan, Italian and Slovak

Play the Briefcase game in Spanish, Catalan, Italian or Slovak and let us know your feedback!

The Briefcase Game


05 October 2020

Kids version of the Briefcase game is online!

The simplified version of "The briefcase of mineral applications" game is now available. The kids will discover what minerals are used to make different objects. They have to match an element with an object that is made from this element. The game includes the clues that helps the kids with matching the right minerals and the objects. 

KIDS Briefcase game - for kids age 6 - 9


29 September 2020

The upgraded Briefcase game is now available!

The game of "The Briefcase of mineral applications" aims to familiarise the player with the minerals that are used in the manufacture of everyday objects. To do this, you will find in the suitcase 18 minerals on one side and 18 objects on the other. The player must match these minerals to everyday objects.

Each mineral in turn will be accompanied by 4 clues that will help the player to match the objects. But the fewer clues the player uses, the more points she/he will get.

Have a look and try the new version of the game NOW!

NEW Briefcase game for kids age 10 - 14