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Empowering Education through Interactive Learning

The Briefcase service provides education through interactive learning, by offering the lending service, replication service or workshop service.

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πŸ›„ Replication serviceΒ 

Experience the Magic of Minerals in Your Classroom

Elevate your teaching resources with your very own Briefcase. This unique educational tool, rich with real-world mineral samples, is now available for purchase. It is an invaluable asset for schools, educational institutions, museums and individual educators passionate about bringing practical science to life.

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πŸ”Ž Inside the Briefcase

  • Diverse Mineral Samples: Discover a wide range of minerals, each linked to everyday products, enhancing the learning experience.
  • Interactive Learning Tools: Engage students with hands-on activities that make learning about minerals exciting and memorable.
  • Comprehensive Educational Resources: Benefit from detailed guides, lesson plans, and activities designed to complement your curriculum.

🌏 Ideal for Various Educational Settings

The Briefcase is versatile, perfect for classrooms, science labs, museums or as a mobile educational resource for field trips. It offers a unique opportunity for students to touch, see, and connect with the raw materials that shape our world.

You can order from these countries:
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πŸ’Ό How to Order

  • Contact info: Select your preferred thematic briefcase and send an e-mail to the partner
  • Customization Options: Tailor the contents of your Briefcase to suit your specific educational needs.
  • Delivery and Support: Enjoy swift delivery and ongoing support from our team, ensuring you make the most of your Briefcase.

πŸ“š Invest in Education

By purchasing the Briefcase, you are not just acquiring a teaching tool; you are investing in a richer, more engaging educational experience for your students. It is an investment in future generations, fostering awareness and appreciation for our planet's natural resources.

Briefcase Workshops

πŸ› οΈ Workshop service

Enhance Your Experience: Partners offer one-of-a-kind educational, interactive and practical workshops with hands-on Briefcase tools. This unique way of learning guarantees an interesting, fun and memorable experience for teachers and pupils.

This service is also recommended for those who purchase a Briefcase, our workshops offer a "train-the-trainer" session to maximize the Briefcase's potential.

Workshop Implementation: This paid service includes organizing and conducting workshops at your chosen location, with options for students, teachers, and the public.

The workshop implementation is a service against payment - for more information please click here.

πŸ“š How to Order the Workshop Service

  • Simple Request Process: Educators can send the workshop inquiry via the Briefcase website, by selecting the contact person from their country,
  • Inquiry & Agreement: Agree with the national partner on the date, content and topic presented during workshop. This is a paid service.Β 
  • Educational Support: Along with the physical toolkit, we provide a comprehensive guide for educators to facilitate engaging and informative sessions.

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πŸ”‚ Lending service

The lending service offers a loan of the hands-on educational toolkit for schools and educational centres. This free service brings the physical Briefcase, an interactive tool containing a variety of mineral samples and their corresponding everyday products, directly to your educational setting.

πŸ” What's Inside the Briefcase?

There are more than 20 different briefcases you can choose from, covering topics from daily minerals, secondary raw materials, green deal minerals, etc.. Each Briefcase includes an array of minerals paired with everyday items they are used in, along with detailed instructions and educational materials. This setup is perfect for students aged 6-14, providing a captivating and educational matching game that demonstrates the role of minerals in common products.

πŸ“š How to Access the Lending Service

  • Simple Request Process: Educators can request the lending of Briefcase via Briefcase website
  • Delivery & Collection: Pickup and delivery is done by the customer; In the case of shipping – the cost is paid by the customer.
  • Educational Support: Along with the physical toolkit, we provide a comprehensive guide for educators to facilitate engaging and informative sessions.

🌐 Join Our Global Educational Network

This initiative is part of our commitment to global education and sustainability. By participating, you join a network of educators dedicated to fostering a deeper understanding of natural resources and their impact on our world.

πŸ“’ Spread the Word

We encourage participating schools to share their experiences and insights gained from using the Briefcase. Your feedback and stories can inspire other educators and contribute to a global conversation about sustainable practices and mineral awareness.


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