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Name of the Briefcase



Daily use minerals briefcase







Potash and the Agenda 2030



Platinum applications and the importance of recycling



Secondary raw materials



Cobalt and batteries



Tin in our daily life



Minerals in mobile phones briefcase




Gold and conflict minerals



The importance of lead and zinc in our lives



The exploration briefcase



The industrial minerals briefcase



Magnesite and the importance of  magnesium products



Critical raw materials briefcase



Volcano briefcase



Fluorescent briefcase



Andalucia briefcase



REEsCase (in progress)



BOSS-MINE (Bosnian Super Minerals)



Earth’s Backpack (CRM’s in our daily lives)



Special Briefcase (for blind and partially sighted pupils)



The little miner



Metallic minerals briefcase



Fossils briefcase



Marble Briefcase



Republic North Macedonia Briefcase



metallic ores in our lives



The fascinating world of minerals



Minerals in science, manufacturing and daily life

ESTONIA - LVG (Lasnamäe Vene Gümnaasium);


Goldpanning briefcase



Microscope . micromount briefcase (in progress)



Textured Marble Briefcase

SPAIN - Agrupación Empresarial Innovadora de la Piedra Natural (CLUSTER DE LA PIEDRA NATURAL)






SRCE-GEO Briefcase: Discovering Serbia's Geological Riches



The Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness Briefcase



3D Briefcase - Virtual Mine Visit and 360 Experience


Discover Our Educational Mineral Briefcase Collection

Explore our diverse collection of educational briefcases, each meticulously designed to unveil the fascinating world of minerals, their crucial role in our daily lives, and the future of sustainable mining. From the dazzling allure of fluorescent minerals to the indispensable importance of critical raw materials, our range offers a unique, hands-on learning experience for students and educators alike. Dive into the journey of discovery and inspiration with our tailored briefcases, and ignite a passion for geology, sustainability, and the wonders beneath our feet.

Daily Use Minerals Briefcase (FGP)
Embark on an enlightening journey with the "Daily Use Minerals Briefcase," designed to bridge the gap between society and the world of mining. This educational treasure trove offers a hands-on exploration into how essential minerals are to our everyday lives. Through engaging experiments, students will uncover the unique properties of minerals that populate our homes, highlighting the critical role of mining in sustaining our lifestyle. By featuring minerals found in everyday objects and emphasizing the importance of recycling, this briefcase not only educates but also fosters a deeper appreciation for the resources beneath our feet.

Fluorescent Minerals Briefcase (FGP)
Illuminate the hidden wonders of the mineral kingdom with the "Fluorescent Minerals Briefcase." This interactive toolkit brings the magic of fluorescent minerals to life, using UV lights to reveal their dazzling properties. Designed to inspire future scientists, it includes simple home-based experiments that draw students closer to the fascinating world of geology. This briefcase not only educates on the scientific aspects of minerals but also encourages a curiosity-driven approach towards learning, making it a radiant addition to any educational setting.

Critical Raw Materials Briefcase (FGP)
Navigate the future with the "Critical Raw Materials Briefcase," a forward-thinking educational tool that underscores the significance of these materials in our evolving world. Through an engaging guessing game, students are introduced to minerals pivotal for renewable energies and modern technologies. This briefcase not only highlights the applications of these critical minerals but also emphasizes their importance in achieving sustainable development and the green deal. It's an essential resource for fostering an understanding of how mining shapes our future.

Special Briefcase (i-SeMe)
The "Special Briefcase" is a revolutionary teaching aid tailored for primary school educators of students who are blind or partially sighted. This toolkit is designed to provide an inclusive learning experience about raw materials and mining. Equipped with tactile minerals, everyday product examples, Braille instructions, and safe experiments, it offers a comprehensive and accessible way for all students to explore the fascinating world of minerals, their properties, and uses.

Minerals for Daily Use Briefcase (i-SeMe)
Start your day with the "Minerals for Daily Use Briefcase," a hands-on journey through the minerals that make up our everyday products. From the toothpaste we use in the morning to the mobile phones that keep us connected, this briefcase uncovers the hidden gems of our daily routines. Tailored for primary and secondary students, it combines the discovery of natural minerals with fun and educational games, making learning about Earth's resources both enjoyable and memorable.

Secondary Raw Materials Briefcase (i-SeMe)
Discover the potential of recycling with the "Secondary Raw Materials Briefcase." This educational toolkit showcases how recycled materials, or secondary raw materials (SRMs), are revolutionizing our approach to waste. By highlighting examples of SRMs in new products, it educates students on the importance of the circular economy and technological progress in reducing waste. This briefcase is an invaluable resource for teaching about sustainable practices and the endless possibilities of recycling.

The Importance of Lead and Zinc in Our Lives Briefcase (i-SeMe)
Explore the rich history and future potential of the Mežica lead and zinc mine with "The Importance of Lead and Zinc in Our Lives Briefcase." This educational resource brings to light the diverse minerals extracted from one of Europe's oldest mines, emphasizing their significance in our daily lives. Dedicated to primary and secondary school pupils, it offers a unique opportunity to learn about the pivotal role of galena, sphalerite, and other minerals in our history and their potential for future use.

Earth's Backpack Briefcase (GSE)
The "Earth's Backpack Briefcase" is a pioneering educational tool that reveals the essential role of minerals and critical raw materials in our daily lives. Through captivating games, students explore the bounty of mineral resources, their extensive applications, and the environmental and social challenges associated with them. Designed to engage a broad audience, this briefcase is a compelling way to educate about the natural treasures we carry in our backpacks and their global significance.

BOSS-MINE Briefcase (UniBL)
The "BOSS-MINE" briefcase is an exploratory tool that highlights the mineral wealth of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its potential for industrial development. Through mineral samples and a geographical map, workshop participants can delve into the country's geology and the contemporary applications of these resources. Accompanied by educational cards for quiz games, this briefcase is a comprehensive resource for learning about the natural treasures that lie within Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Ja BiH Vulkan Briefcase (UniBL)
Embark on a volcanic adventure with the "Ja BiH Vulkan" Briefcase, a unique exploration of the geological processes that shape our planet and influence our lives. This multidisciplinary toolkit merges geology, history, geography, mining, and chemistry to tell the story of volcanic eruptions and their impact. It's a captivating educational resource that promotes a deeper understanding of the earth's dynamic processes and their significance in human history and industry.

Daily Use Minerals Briefcase (UoM)
The "Daily Use Minerals Briefcase" from UoM serves as a dynamic link between the minerals that underpin our society and the everyday objects we take for granted. This interactive experience allows users to connect common items with the minerals they're made from, enriching the learning process with fun facts and activities. It's a playful yet profound way to demonstrate mining's integral role in our daily existence, making this briefcase a valuable educational asset.

Phone Briefcase: What's in Your Phone? (UoM)
Dive into the "Phone Briefcase: What's in Your Phone?" and discover the intricate world of smartphone components. This briefcase offers a tactile learning experience, allowing direct interaction with the minerals and materials that power our digital lives. Through concise information and engaging games, participants will gain insights into material sourcing and the critical role of raw materials in technology, making this briefcase an essential educational tool for understanding the complexities of modern gadgets.

The Marble Briefcase (CTM)
Dive into the elegance of natural stone with "The Marble Briefcase," an educational toolkit that showcases the beauty and utility of ornamental stones in architecture and design. From the pyramids to modern skyscrapers, this briefcase illustrates the timeless appeal of marble and other stones, providing insights into their geological formation, technical characteristics, and historical uses. It's an invaluable resource for inspiring future geologists, architects, and designers.

The Andalusian Minerals Briefcase (CSIC)
Discover the geological treasures of Andalusia with "The Andalusian Minerals Briefcase." This educational toolkit is designed to enlighten students about the diverse mineral resources in their region and their practical applications. It aims to foster a sense of pride and awareness of the mining sector's role in providing employment and enhancing quality of life. This briefcase is a testament to the rich mineral heritage of Andalusia and its importance to the community.

The Little Miner Briefcase (NTUA)
Embark on an adventurous exploration with "The Little Miner" Briefcase, a captivating educational toolkit designed to introduce young learners, ages 4 to 8, to the fascinating realm of raw materials, geology, and the basics of mining. This interactive experience equips participants with their very own miner's helmet, hammer, and compass, setting the stage for an engaging and informative journey. Through hands-on activities and exploration, "The Little Miner" Briefcase makes the complex world of minerals and mining accessible and enjoyable, fostering curiosity and knowledge in budding young minds. Join "The Little Miner" on a voyage of discovery that lays the groundwork for a lifetime appreciation of the earth's natural resources.

The "Fascinating World of Minerals" (NKUA)
The "Fascinating World of Minerals" is a portable set of educational materials about the use of minerals in our daily lives. It is designed for pupils in the last years of primary school and the first three years of secondary school. This Briefcase aims to familiarise students with the scientific disciplines of mineralogy and petrology. The Briefcase contains a teacher’s pack, teaching materials and activities, everyday objects and authentic materials (minerals) for pupils to work with. Specifically, the Briefcase contains four recommended activities, each carefully designed with a logical sequence and link. However, the modular design of these activities allows for independent implementation, leaving it to the discretion of educators to make the necessary adjustments to meet the unique needs of each classroom.

Nonmetallic Ores in Our Lives Briefcase (MU)
Discover the "Nonmetallic Ores in Our Lives" Briefcase, a captivating educational toolkit showcasing mineral samples mined in the Czech Republic. Designed for primary and secondary school educators in geology, biology, and geography, this briefcase features industrial minerals, building materials, and energy raw materials. Our objective is clear: to provide an invaluable practical teaching resource. But this briefcase is not just a teaching tool; it's a journey into the underappreciated world of nonmetallic ores and their profound impact on our everyday lives.

Platinum Applications and Importance of Recycling (MON)
Step into the captivating world of the “Platinum applications and importance of recycling” Briefcase by MONOLITHOS Ltd., where learning takes on a whole new dimension. Through a fun virtual game, participants explore mining and the importance of recycling platinum metals. They get hands-on experience with making catalytic converters and everyday life applications and learning how these essential parts work. As they go through engaging activities, participants understand why recycling end-of-life catalytic converters and other items containing platinum are so important for the environment. Plus, they learn about how platinum is mined around the world and its impact. This innovative Briefcase aims to empower individuals to implement responsible practices within their communities, championing environmental awareness and fostering a culture of sustainability for future generations.

Metallic Minerals Briefcase (PUT)
Unlock the mysteries of geoscience with the "Metallic Minerals Briefcase." This educational toolkit offers a fascinating glimpse into the rocks and metals that form our planet, their formation, discovery, and applications. With simple experiments and quizzes, it's designed to spark curiosity and passion for geoscience among primary and secondary school pupils. This briefcase is a gateway to understanding the sustainable and responsible use of metallic ores, making it an adventure into the heart of our planet's resources.

Exploring Earth's History: A Fossil Briefcase (PUT)
Dive into the ancient world with 'Exploring Earth's History: A Fossil Briefcase,' a meticulously crafted educational resource for elementary school educators and their curious students. This briefcase brings the thrilling field of paleontology to life, offering hands-on fossil examination to spark curiosity about Earth's vast history. Aimed at promoting scientific inquiry and a deep appreciation for past biodiversity, it provides an immersive learning experience designed to kindle a lifelong passion for science and the mysteries of our planet. Engage your students with a tangible piece of Earth's history and inspire the next generation of scientists and explorers.

SRCE-GEO Briefcase: Discovering Serbia's Geological Riches (UniBL)
Embark on a geological journey with the 'SRCE-GEO' Briefcase, an enriching educational toolkit that unveils the mineral treasures of the Republic of Serbia. Tailored for primary school pupils, this briefcase highlights Serbia's significant geological wealth and its potential to drive the country's industrial development. It challenges preconceived notions of mining by promoting an understanding of responsible and sustainable 'green' mining practices. Through hands-on exploration of industrial minerals, building materials, and energy resources, the 'SRCE-GEO' Briefcase educates young minds about the importance of geology in our lives, encouraging responsible stewardship of Earth's resources.

The Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness Briefcase (i-SeMe)
Dive into the world of geology with the "Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness Briefcase," an engaging educational toolkit that showcases 10 reference minerals, each exemplifying a different level of hardness on the Mohs scale. This briefcase enriches learning by linking these minerals to everyday products, enhancing understanding of their everyday applications. It includes scratch kits with tools like a steel nail and glass plate to test mineral hardness, samples of calcite and dolomite for acid tests, and additional minerals for identification challenges. This briefcase is a treasure trove for students and educators, making the study of mineral hardness both fun and informative.

3D Briefcase - Virtual Mine Visit and 360 Experience  (i-SeMe)
Step into the underground realm of mineral extraction with the "3D Briefcase - Virtual Mine Visit and 360 Experience." This immersive toolkit transports you deep into the world of gold and copper mining, offering a unique perspective from the safety and comfort of your own space. Experience the mine environment in stunning 360 degrees, making it feel as if you are walking through the tunnels and shafts yourself. This virtual journey is not only a profound educational experience but also a homage to the hardworking miners and the groundbreaking technologies that continue to transform the industry. Ideal for students, industry professionals, or anyone intrigued by mining, this virtual tour is an enlightening expedition into the heart of the earth’s geological wonders.