The Project

Embark on Change with EITRM BRIEFCASE Projects! 

Introducing RISBRIEFCASE Project, a follow-up project of The Briefcase and 3DBriefcase, EIT RawMaterials' celebrated initiatives.

Our goal? To bridge the gap between minerals, mining, and society. Imagine a world where all know the origins of daily minerals and the impact of their choices on resource-rich nations.

The BRIEFCASE method transforms education, enabling students to identify minerals and reflect on ethical corporate practices. It's more than learning; it's enhancing perceptions of sustainable mining with the social license to operate (SLO). We're igniting a passion for raw materials careers and nurturing eco-conscious behaviour through workshops.

United by UN's Sustainable Development Goals:

  • SDG12: Embrace responsible practices, preferring ethical choices in Europe (BetterInMyBackyard).
  • SDG5: Empower girls in mining, backed by Women In Mining Spain (WIMS). Our project engages a remarkable 62% female audience.
  • SDG13: Cultivate climate action through recycling habits, unveiling mining's role in environmental issues.
  • SDG8: Highlight ethical concerns in mining practices outside Europe, impacting workers' rights.
  • SDG11: Spotlight sustainability's essence for European mining's future.

Join the evolution where knowledge empowers and choices transform. Dive into our impactful journey uniting minerals, society, and growth.

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Unveiling the Significance of The Briefcase Project

The Briefcase Project holds a vital mission: to bridge the gap between minerals, mining, and society. Our vision is for citizens to understand the origins of daily mineral products and how their choices influence social landscapes in resource-rich countries.

Our pioneering approach educates students about common minerals and their applications, fostering ethical corporate practices. Through The Briefcase, we shed light on the consequences of the "not in my backyard" (NIMBY) mindset, which sometimes displaces mining to areas where workers' rights are overlooked.

While mining is essential, its impacts can be managed. We demonstrate that mining is a critical, modern activity, and its effects on society and the environment can be mitigated. This knowledge empowers informed decision-making, nurturing a future of well-informed citizens.

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Exploring The Briefcase's Inner Workings

The journey began with a physical briefcase featuring minerals and their corresponding products. This interactive tool serves students aged 6 to 14, offering a matching game that uncovers the role of minerals in everyday items. Adapted and enhanced over a decade, new thematic Briefcases have emerged, showcased in workshops and demonstrations across Europe.

Accessible to educators through a free lending service, The Briefcase reaches classrooms autonomously. We've also introduced an interactive digital version, engaging students in a dynamic learning experience, complete with clues and insights into mineral impacts.